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Dear Sir / Madam , andOur company is engaged in the industrial capital of Konya , Turkey products Our company made this estimate is Offered for your / liking for Many years in order to meet the requirements of foreign markets . We would like to Inform you about our company and we hope to work with your esteemed company .The company has been exporting products to many of those manufacturers Countries , and we are happy to state there is a return for Customer satisfaction .We make in terms of the main principle of the best quality production to serve honorably by The faces of all the world markets . This is the fruit of sincere thought , all Continents of the world to meet the usual products manufactured by us Company .If the request based on the information that will give you information below Our products, and we would like you to know that we will be pleased if you Contact us immediately .Now let\'s look at the details that gave you information about our company. We have Founded Kourks Aluminium in the area of Busan private industry in Konya used in the production of their products machines Turning the CNC and the center of the workpiece edge are production processes within the plant , respectively, the following phases fill the CNC Business mechanical work of polishing and anodizing process of anodizing is done by oxidation and use where chemicals and water Aomozah special made to raise the quality of our product quality in her priority and for the first piece , it uses the installation method for installing hot oxidation Alaaksoarat produced in our company enjoys a standard install it has been Hiklt production processes based on international quality this basis Brovila Alaaksoarat productive And Greetings to you the beginning of the beginning of the bright hope of success Make an overview of the doors handles and windows in the city of Konya want To establish business relationship with your company With Regards to you Export Manager Racheedkaraahmed
— racheedkaraahmed

Вообщем-то заказали двери, все вроде бы хорошо и грамотно проконсультировали и приехали обмеряли. Установщики так же не подвели. Но к сожалению все-таки была и ложка дегтя. Почему-то дверные притворы оказались гораздо больше чем нужны был
— Мария

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